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Ultimate Mission: To help women create the choice to live in love and happiness; so they can live an amazing, magical life!

Hi, I’m Erin!

Are you tired of trying? I know I was. I have been working on it for over 25 years, and ya know what I got from it? Nothing. Well, nothing to show for it. I didn’t get the money I was chasing, that’s for sure. I was tired of keeping a positive attitude. I was tired of trying and failing. I was tired of admitting that what I was working on didn’t pan out – again. I was tired of reading self-help books and thinking I was implementing what I read, only to not get the results I was looking for. I was tired of the constant battle. The fight. The embarrassment. The plummeting self-esteem. The fact that I had to start over again and again.

If I told you that my life had turned around, how skeptical would you be? If you’re anything like I was, I would have been extremely doubtful (and for me, it would come with a hint of jealousy.) I had hit a real slump in my life. Coronavirus was just starting and my stress level was through the roof. I felt like I had so much to do, and too much time to do it. (Anybody remember that feeling?!) I broke down. I mean, I broke down hard. And thank goodness I did. Getting all of that built-up sadness, frustration, anger, and fear out of me and into the light of day, I was able to reach for a better feeling. Well, I was able to take a step in a positive direction.

That step for me was recalling my favorite book of all times, “The Power of Your Subconscious Mind” by Dr. Joseph Murphy. I was reminded of the power that I had. Well, the power that book promised me I had. I had used it with some success throughout the years. More than anything, I loved how encouraging it was for me.

Tacking on another vehicle of improvement, meditation, was the next step. To say I “meditate” is using the definition loosely. I basically lay in bed and think – or try not to think – depending on the purpose of the “meditation”. I meditated and pondered and yearned for that power the book promised me so damn hard!

Within a day, I found another book, “The Power of Awareness” by Neville. I bought it off Amazon (why didn’t I buy stock in that business?) and devoured it when it arrived. I absolutely loved that book. By this time (about a week after my breakdown), things started happening quickly.

I’d have a desire for knowledge and, serendipitously, the answer would arrive. It was one book to a course to another course – I was on fire! Well, I still am on fire. Things haven’t slowed down, and I am grateful for that. Very grateful.

In the spirit of keeping this from getting very long winded, I have a little bit of back story to tell you.

I have a journal that I started on November 13th, 2012. I had told myself that when I finished that journal, I would have become a success. I didn’t really use it for venting, like a normal journal. It was more for figuring out what I should “do” with my life – how I was going to make money. A lot of money.

Through those years (about 7 1/2 years), I tried to start the same kind of websites. I had the same types of ideas. I even, unknowingly, wrote the same booklet TWICE! While all of my ideas ran the same vein, they were with different concepts.

Overall, my main purpose with almost all of my ideas was to help women live a happier life. I would take that purpose and dress it in a method. And that specific method would be what the website was centered on.

Okay, back to present day. In one of the courses I took (Mike Dooley’s “Playing the Matrix for Livelihood”), he said that the only purpose you have here on earth is to be yourself.

How freaking liberating that was!!! All I need to be is me.

Who am I? Well, at the risk of coming across cocky (I’m not a cocky person), I came up with this list: I AM…
A thinker/ponderer
A person who likes the woo side of life, but also finding the science behind it – if there is any.

Yeah. That pretty much sums me up. 😉

Just in case you’re wondering, here are my stats:
* I’m a mom to three outstanding adult kids!
* Grandma to two amazing grandkids!
*Married since 1995 to a fantastic man and my best friend!
* Polite (when the occasion calls for it.)
*I have a dark side, which is where my naughty drawings come from.

About the actual website...

This site is for you, and about the goodness of life.

There are HUGE discoveries to make, but coming right out and saying them isn't my job.

We're like detectives, exploring through life to see what is out there and what resonates with us at any given point in our lives.

I can tell you this - you are at the most perfect place for you right now.

One of the best ways to help others is to live by example. That is my personal mission. While this site is all about you and the goodness of life, I will do my very best to share every bit of me.

It is my truest hope that while you see me doing (quite frankly) some weird, seemingly non-consequential things, it will help you to unearth the magic that is inside of you.

I'd love for us to talk openly and honestly, laugh at our mishaps, celebrate our successes, create things, and more.

This site is also about sharing things that will help us choose happiness and love as often as we can while wearing our detective hats. It is amazing what will happen when you start doing that! Life becomes easier, more fun, and more rewarding. It becomes LESS of all of the bad stuff: less stressful, less difficult, less full of negativity, and more (I don't like to dwell on those.)

It's time to simply live - to live in the moment as much as possible. And, in the process, choose happiness and love as often as we can.

We can do this. And when we are together, we can do this even better.

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* Amusing Antics - fun things that will get you out of the norm of life.
* Reader's Questions - a place I answer any and all questions from readers.  (Make sure to submit your questions!)
* Radical Reviews - I buy stuff and review them so you can find out if they are worth your time.  Mostly books, some courses, and products.

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