Rediscover Your Spark: A 3 Month Health Journal

A health journal that has all the same tracking available; but with so much more so you can get that spark back in your life!

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Rediscover Your Spark - A 3 Month Health Journal was designed to fill a gap in the food journal / exercise journal / self-help market.

Health is about so much more than what you eat and how much you weigh. It's about fulfilling that inner need to express yourself, nurture yourself, and to love yourself and your life!

Health is body / mind / spirit.

Rediscover Your Spark is all about incorporating all three of those areas to help you feel alive and loving life! Within this journal, there are a few pages in the beginning that fully explains what each section is about.

Sections that Cover the Entire 3 Months Intentions & Goals for the entire 3 months:
* A chart to fill out for each month to help you plan fasting days, exercising days, etc.
* Foods & Drinks you will commit to for the 3 months.
* A super basic list of whole foods with calories.
* Monthly Intentions and Goals for individual months.
* Monthly Journaling page.
* Monthly Measurements. (Designed so you can cut these out for privacy!)
* Fun Activities with Reward! (More on this below.)
* Daily Intention for the day.
* Daily journaling area.
* Weight (don't worry, there's a special code you can use so nobody will sneak a peek and know!)
* What you ate for the day.
* What you drank for the day. (Including "water glasses" you can check off to make sure you drink enough!)
* Mood Tracker.
* Period Tracker.
* Movement Tracker. (Including a line to write in total steps taken if that's your thing!)
* Fun Activities with Reward!

Let's talk about the Fun Activities with Reward pages that are included for every month!

This is really where this health journal shines! There are a total of 39 activities and 9 blank areas where you can fill in your own.

They include things like: spending time doing your hobby, 50 squats, meditation, try something new, visualization, walk for 10 minutes, and many more!

Under each fun activity, there are 30 boxes. Each time you complete the activity, check off a box. At the beginning of the month, you'll decide if you get "X" boxes checked, you will reward yourself with whatever it is you choose.

So while the "daily" pages my appear to be like many other health journals (because that information is important), it's the Fun Activities that make this health journal so unique, so personalized, and so do-able.

As you can see, you can either choose to do the same thing(s) every day, or you can mix it up and do whatever feels good to you on any given day!

Remember: Health is body / mind / spirit.

Rediscover Your Spark is all about incorporating all three of those areas to help you feel alive and loving life!

Buy Download Copy Here

Buy Physical Copy on Amazon

Updated Version!

After using the original version of this health journal for a month, I made some awesome updates to it that make it even better!  

If you'd like to read the "essay" I talked about, view the video on YouTube. :)