Feel Better Fast

The Simple 7 Day Solution

What if you simply felt better?

What would that do for your self and your day?

What if you could face the day with a sense of optimism instead of dread or emptiness?

With the Feel Better Fast Simple 7 Day Solution, there’s no need to worry about “fixing yourself”. You’re not broken.

There’s no “self-improvement” techniques like the millionaire gurus teach.

You’ll simply learn how to feel better in 7 days. 

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erin chavez

Tell me if this sounds like you...

You wake up with a heavy sigh, not at ALL excited to start your day.

You fake your laughs with friends and loved ones.

You simply don’t care about things anymore and may not have cared for years.

You find yourself thinking, “Why bother?”, “Here we go again.”, or one of many other self-defeating statements or questions.

You secretly want to roll your eyes at just about anybody who talks to you.

You avoid people who are “chipper” and upbeat.

What if there was a way to make that all go away? What if it was easy and on your own terms? What if there was an organic way to FEEL BETTER?

That’s exactly why I created Feel Better Fast. I want to, well, help you feel better. I know that sometimes happiness is just to far of a reach. I want to help you get to a better, overall feeling so one day you can reach for and grab that happiness. Not yet though. First, let’s just work on feeling better.

So, if you want to feel better, this 7-day solution is for you!

That’s exactly why I created Feel Better Fast. I want to, well, help you feel better. I know that sometimes happiness is just to far of a reach. I want to help you get to a better, overall feeling so one day you can reach for and grab that happiness. Not yet though.

First, let’s just work on feeling better. So, if you want to feel better, this 7-day solution is for you!

I know you don’t want to bother spending hours upon hours reading a boring e-book; or take the time to get super introspective. You want something easy that won’t take a lot of time – both in learning and in application. That’s exactly how this system was created.

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erin chavez

You'll Get...

* An 11-Page e-book. Big font size. Quick to read. And pictures. Pictures always make things more fun, right?
* An 8 question quiz that you will take on day one and day seven so you can prove to yourself just how much better you feel!
* Seven daily accountability pages so you can see, plain and simple, what you have to accomplish each day (don't worry - this is where it is super customizable!
* Four questions that can change your life.

Right now, you’re struggling with feeling overwhelmed, being stressed out, and/or feeling empty inside. And, to be quite honest, you have zero shits to give. You just don’t care! But, imagine if you woke up in the morning with a smile on your face. You get out of bed feeling quite content. The dirty dishes in the sink don’t throw you into a tizzy. The empty dog bowl is something you just decide to fill – you don’t get angry about it. You’re able to take a nice breath in and exhale with hope. Hope for a better today. Hope for a smile. Hope for pleasant interactions. All while knowing you aren’t going to fly off the handle at the drop of the hat, or cry yourself exhausted. When you feel better, you will be able to take things as they come and (dare I say) have a simmer of excitement in your gut.

erin chavez, erinchavez.com

Hi, I'm Erin!

I had lived in the trap of overwhelm, stress and emptiness for many years. I don’t even know how many times I’ve been so far down and somehow, dragged myself back to “normal”. But in the past 5 years, or so, I realized exactly what I had done each time I started to feel better. The fantastically weird thing is – we don’t need to do dramatic things to start to feel better! A few years ago, somebody very close to me once said that “being happy” was to far of a reach for her. That pinged me at a soul level. I hated that for her. Looking back, however, I remember being there as well. I hadn’t even realized how far down I had been and how far up I had climbed. That’s not to be a deterrent though. Through this 7 day system, you will gradually begin to feel better. No life shattering changes. No huge time commitments. Just one foot in front of the other. And, before you know it, these new and easy things simply become a part of who you are. And, remember, you get to pick how intensive or non-intensive you want it to be! That is why I created this system. I don’t want us, as women, to succumb to these overwhelmed, stressed, and empty feelings! It’s so freaking simple to feel better! And when we feel better… only better and better can come to us.

Let's talk about exactly what you'll get with your purchase.

The Feel Better Fast E-Book

It’s 11 pages of easily digestible information that will show you just how simple it is to feel better (and how to do it!)

The Proof is in the Pudding Quiz(zes)

You’ll get two 8 question quizzes that you’ll take on day one and on day seven. This will prove that what you have been doing has worked!

Your Daily Conquests

You’ll have 7 of them to print off – one for each day. These are designed so you can easily plan out exactly what you want to do in any given day. You’ll have it right in front of you – simple dimple.

The Mandatory 2

These are two things that are essential for you to do in order to feel better. And, you guessed it, they’re simple.

The Fantastic 4

These are 4 questions to answer that will change your life if you let them. This is the most introspective you need to get in the entire 7 days; and it’s not even that hard!

The Sultry 7

Without giving away too much information, the Sultry 7 are different categories that… contain fun things. We’ll just leave it at that.

You'll get all of the above AND an unnumbered Daily Conquest page so you can print it off and use it as often as you'd like!


How long do I have to access this product? What if I run into trouble downloading?
The product is yours to keep forever.  You have three download attempts to download this product. If you're having trouble, please contact me!

Can I use this with no tech skills?
Absolutely. If you can print, you can fully use “Feel Better Fast” and all of its components.

Do I HAVE to print things off?
Absolutely not. I highly recommend it, but if you’d rather put pen to notebook, that’ll work as well.

Do you have a refund policy?
Due to the digital nature of this product, there is a no refund policy.

I super busy, can I still do this?
Even for the busiest of people, you can make the time to do this. It is customizable in the amount of time you put into it. Of course, the more time you put in, the faster you’re results will be; but isn’t that way with everything in life? 😉

Nothing has worked for me before, why would this course work for me?
As with anything, you need to be willing and ready to make a change – no matter how small of a change we’re talking about. If you are ready to feel better – this will work for you.

I’ve tried self-help things before and it’s just too much. Why is this different?
This system was formed from my, personal, struggles with being overwhelmed, stressed, and feeling empty. I know exactly where you are coming from. The things you’ll learn about are different from “learning to meditate”, or “reprogramming your subconscious mind” (etc.). Those things are totally worth it and do work; but we need to start smaller. We need to take care of ourselves. This system will make that fun and doable.

I’m not into woo! Please tell me this isn’t new age mumbo jumbo!
It isn’t new age mumbo jumbo! 😊 It tried and true. Simple and easy.

Do you have to be organized or focused to do this?
Absolutely not. In fact, most people who are overwhelmed, stressed and running on empty normally are not organized and/or focused. This system is laid out in a very organized manner and has the tools to keep you focused. It’s a win/win for you!

Everyone around me are negative people. How can I feel better when I’m surrounded with all this negativity?
Don’t let the negative Nelly’s stop you. In fact, when YOU work this system, chances are your actions will impact them for the better; so, they just might join you! Hopefully, anyways.

So, who is this system created for, specifically?  

Women. First and foremost, women.

I am a woman, and to this day, I haven't been able to figure out men.

If you're a young woman, an older woman, an empty nester, a mom, a sister or a daughter, AND you want to feel better - this system is for you.

This is for women of all walks of life and at all ages of life. I've felt really bad at many ages and stages of my life, and this is always what brings me back. I also know the solution is the same for every type of woman.

How does this all work?

It couldn't be easier.

Step One

After choose to put yourself first and be a super amazing woman by purchasing this system, check your email.  That's where your download will be. 

Step Two

After opening your email, can print (recommended) and/or save the files to your computer.

Step Three

Read the e-book. Everything – and I mean everything is simple and laid out very innately.

Imagine where you could be 7 days from now...

Walking through life with those monkeys off your back, a little lighter in your step, and the hint of a smile on your face.

The perma-scowl wiped from your forehead and a calmer feeling inside. That last one deserves a repeat… a calmer feeling inside.

You won’t feel as if you’re filled with sourness, instead you’ll feel it drain out of you this week. And you’ll be left with a clean slate.

A new beginning to become what it is you dream of being. Don’t worry. No pressure to feel that way.

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Bottom line...

Imagine feeling better. Imagine taking the edge off in a healthy way. A way that resolves issues and instills hope, peace, and love. That’s right. Love lives in you if you feel it or not. Seven days may not have you climbing mountains and crushing glass ceilings; but it will prime you for whatever it is you want to come next.

It's time to decide.

Alright! The time has come to (as they say) shit or get off the pot!

Do you want to feel better? If so, this is a no-brainer. I’ve been there. I’ve fixed myself. I’m sharing the universal method with you in this system.

With the Simple 7 Day Solution With Feel Better Fast, there’s no need to worry about “fixing yourself” anymore. There’s no “self-improvement” like the gurus teach.

You’ll simply learn how to feel better in 7 days. And you’ll do it on YOUR terms!

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