21 Days to Happy! 
The Activity Book.

I'm supposed to tease you with all the benefits for you if you purchase this item.

There's supposed to be a loooooooong sales page, tempting you with the price half way down the page.

The way I see it, if you want some fun activities to feel more happiness in your life, you don't need to be convinced to spend $2.99.

That's right.  Two dollars and 99 cents.  You in?

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Some of the Activities Included

Dear You, Shake Your Tookus, Radiant Ritual & A Dare List


21 Days.  Have Fun. 
(Dare I Say) Change Your Life. 

Here's how it ALLLLL works:

* Make the purchase.
* Download the PDF.
* Print the PDF.
* Read the intro & do the bonus activity. (Fire can be involved if you're feelin' it & safe.)
* Start by doing day one.  Then day two.  All the way to day twenty-one.

Oh, did I mention that day 21 is a party for YOU?  ;)

There's not even a lot to read each day.  Honest.  And each day, you get a mediocre drawing from yours truly.  You just saw 4 of them while you were scrolling.

It's all so easy-peasy for a phenomenal payoff!  

Okay.  My convincing is done.  If you want to be happy (or happier), I hope you buy this activity book!  Yay!

Buy for $2.99